sql homework 1

1.What is the CURRENT email address for the person with the last name of “Trenary”? (5 points)

2.How many products are there? (5 points)

3.How many products cost more than $100? (5 points)

4.How much do we sell gloves for? (5 points)

5.Which order was the largest? (7.5 points)

6.Which customer(s) have purchased the most size medium socks (not $ amount)? Must include their name. (10 points)

7.Who manages the employee “Dan Wilson”? The result set should the manager’s EmployeeID, name (first & last combined into a single column), job title, and when they were hired (MM-DD-YYYY). (10 points)

8.List each sales person’s name (first & last), Job Title and total number of customers that each sales person has sold to. Sort by the most number of customers first. (10 points)
Bonus – who has the most customers in each territory? (This should be a single query that sorts by territory. (5 points)
DOUBLE Bonus – which Sales Manager has the most sales? (5 points)

9.Which product has had its price change the fewest times? (7.5 points)

10.List, for each product (ProductID and Product Name), the % of profit made when selling it (10 least profitable products). Are there any products we should consider dropping? Why? (15 points) Hint: make sure you know how to calculate profit!

Plot the previous data (Q10) for the clothing category, with the x-axis as the % profit and the y-axis as the clothing name. (10 points)

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