answer the following questions 411

Guidelines and Questions to Answer In Peer Review

  1. a)Did you know what the paper was to focus on and what the overall purpose of the paper was after reading the introduction paragraph? b)How else could it be improved?
  2. a)How well are the answers provided by the writer supported by in-text citations from the text and relevant scholarly works? b)Do you find these connection well-chosen and relevant?
  3. a)Does the paper effectively link practical examples with Medhus and Berger making the topic become more meaningful for the reader? b)How could the writer improve the focus of the paper in this way?
  4. a)Does the conclusion provide closure and offer an interesting final insight that helps you to understand the readers experience in writing the paper? b)How could the writer make it more effective?
  5. What was in this student’s paper that you did not address in your own that you found significant? Again, be specific.
  6. What would you like to ask the author of this paper regarding something they wrote? This should be to further your own understanding.
  7. Additionally, you must find at least one place within your feedback to connect with course concepts from Berger. Cite Medhus and Berger properly throughout (in-text citations). Warning: Do not just randomly add a citation or course concept as a stand alone statement. It must relate to a concept or idea presented in your peer’s paper directly. It must make sense as applied.
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