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Open up a new word document and start to create an outline from it
For example, call the file: “Designing Slides,” and then in the beginning of the document type the following:
Chapter 1:
For a TED Talk, presenters are given a maximum of 18 minutes to share their message
Slides are only used to amplify the meaning of their message



  • Presenters in a Ted Talk are given 18 minutes to share their message with the world.
  • Slides are used to enhance presentation of the message to the audience by promoting understanding by the audience. The aim of a slide presentation is to grab the audience and make them understand a particular topic of interest (Karia, 2014). In a business for instance, presentations should impress people to invest.
  • However, presenters do not have to use slides. Some presenters may opt to present their presentation without them if they think they will distract the audience.
  • Slide presentations should be direct to the point and should only use a few colors to enhance delivery of the message. Use of multiple colors may act as a distraction to the audience which will lead to lost concentration.
  • An effective slide presentation focuses on the audience. The notes on the slide should be used to enhance message delivery to the audience. If the audience is not the main focus of a slide, then the slide is useless.
  • The slide should be relevant to the talk. A slide should only be included in the talk if it related to the main topic of discussion.
  • Elimination of clutter is a key element of an effective presentation. Clutter in terms of use of words that serve no purpose should be avoided. Moreover, simplicity is also key in ensuring that the message is delivered effectively to the audience. Therefore, complex and useless word use should be avoided.
  • The audience tends to judge the quality of a presentation through the quality of slides (Karia, 2014). It is therefore vital that one puts in effort in ensuring that a slide creates a positive perception to the audience. This will ensure that the audience’s attention is maintained and the message delivered.


Karia, A. (2014). How to Design TED Worthy Presentation Slides. Web:

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