mgt422 discussion board ch9

You’ve recently been promoted into the position of marketing manager in the communications division of your company. Your new job involves managing a staff and creating the publications and marketing materials for insurance sales professionals in three regions. You have met the directors of the three regional sales forces before, and now you ask each one for a meeting to discuss in depth how your team can best meet their needs. Two of the sales directors were very cordial, and each explained what the technical demands of their areas are and how your department can best meet their needs. However, during your meeting with Bill—the sales director of the third region and one of your firm’s biggest moneymakers—he lays down the law. He says that his area is the largest of the three regions, and it produces significantly more revenue for your company than the other two regions combined. “You and your people need to know that when I say, ‘Jump,’” he says, “they need to ask, ‘How high?’” In return, he says, he’ll recommend you and your people for every award the company has to offer. In addition, he says he’ll personally give you a monetary bonus, based on your team’s performance, at the end of the year. Although you have never heard of a manager giving someone a bonus out of his own pocket, you suspect that your company would frown on such a practice.

  1. What are the ethical issues in this case?
  2. What are some reasons why the decision maker in this case might be inclined to go along? Not go along?
  3. If you were the decision maker, how would you handle the situation?
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