3 to 4 pages socail work 110

Social Work 110 requires all students to write a 3-4 page paper exploring one’s personal opinion of Social Work as a profession, in American Psychological Association (APA) format.

  1. What are the Objectives of the Assignment (Student Learning Outcomes)?
  1. To assure that each student by the end of the semester will be able to describe the major fields of social work practice and its ability to practice incorporating diversity and various social issues.
  1. Identify and describe the impact of personal values as they relate to professional social work values and ethical issues.
  1. Apply and communicate understanding of the importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences in practice at the micro and macro levels
  1. Present themselves as learners and engage clients and constituencies as experts of their own experiences
  1. Apply self-awareness and self-regulation to manage the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse clients and constituencies
  1. What Are The Research Requirements?
  1. Begin your research for appropriate and relevant reference materials. Use the topic headings to help you identify the areas of focus.
  1. Essay must include at least two quotes or citations from relevant and appropriate sources.
  1. Locating Your Research
  1. Draw supporting information from the course textbook, class lectures, any of the resources used in the Research Paper, or any other quality resource.
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