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First, complete the Required Readings for Week 3. Also, as needed, consult the OLRs as they help you expand your knowledge and facilitate the understanding of the target topic.

Next, compose a response paper that analyzes the theme in one of the following stories:

  • “Hills Like White Elephants”
  • “In Another Country”
  • “The Killers”
  • “The Undefeated”

Your paper should have a thesis that addresses this core question: what do you think is the story’s underlying meaning(s)/message(s), and why?

Compose a response that analyzes a story’s theme. You can apply a Critical Strategy to help guide your response. Your paper should contain at least ONE direct quote and ONE paraphrase from the text (with correct in-text citations), and it should include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

Format your paper in MLA. Remember to double space your paper, include an MLA heading, MLA pagination, and ensure that you are using 12 point Cambria or Times New Roman font. At minimum, your paper should be 500 words.

Use a third person point of view to discuss literature. Avoid using first person or second person pronouns. Focus on the determination rather on who is noticing it.

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