checkpoint 9 reflective assignment 1

By now you should have chosen a topic for your research paper. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your own progress as you prepare to write your longer paper. You must accomplish the following THREE requirements as you assess yourself:


This essay will reflect on what you have done so far this semester. What have you accomplished on your other essays? What information have you compiled that you will want to use again? Keep in mind that this essay should analyze the steps that you have taken to get to where you are today.


Your essay will anticipate the work that you still have to do . Have you changed your topic and find yourself scrounging for new information? Do you have a whole list of sources from assignment number three that you have found but still need to read? Most importantly, how do you plan to be prepared to write your research paper at the end of the semester? This essay should include very clear steps as well as a strong description of everything that goes in to completing your goal.


I want you to conclude with a rough version of what your opinion is about your topic . I want you to begin to think about what you have to contribute to what you have been researching. Be sure to provide a strong opinion on your

topic that does not just restate the research that you have been conducting. I want to know what you think about your chosen topic.

This assignment should be at least 500 words in length. MLA FORMAT

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