examine what it means for a house to be haunted using the spider four haunted houses or the yellow wallpaper how can an external haunting reflect a character s internal experience

Though your main goal should be an in-depth examination of one text
Assignment Requirements

  • Your essay should be 5 full double-spaced pages with 1” side margins, 1”header and footer margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.
  • Your introduction should offer a thesis that gives your readers a main claim or guiding idea which will be developed throughout.
  • Your essay must include direction quotations from the text and should include summary where relevant, to provide context about the story/poem.
  • Though you are not required to use outside sources for this essay (the only required source is the text you are analyzing), you are encouraged to consult reference materials and scholarly works and refer to them where necessary. If you do so, you must cite all sources in MLA format.
  • Cite all sources in MLA format (in text), in addition to a Works Cited page. Use Purdue OWL (linked on Canvas) to look up proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited formatting.
  • Proofread for mistakes and edit for clarity. Consider paragraph organization and appropriate transitions to lead your reader through your discussion.
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