assignment pro

My topic : Disaster Preparedness For Geriatrics.

I need to do proposal around 12-15 pages with out references and first page.

All my work has attached. You need to take a look and follow the proper way to write it in correct way.



    Write a complete research proposal with all appropriate citations, reflecting the Universal Intellectual Standards, covering all appropriate aspects in focused, rich detail. Cf. LeedyDue in the final form end of week 13.


    Leedy Ch 5Creswell Ch 4
    (23 pages)

  • Writing Week /Data Processing
    This week is set aside to do all of your final writing, to get the Research Proposal into submission-ready condition, for submission at the end of the week.You should apply some additional effort in study of quantitative data processing methods. In deference to the current crisis, the charting /graphing assignment will no longer be scored (you get the 20 points). However, the skills introduced here will be valuable to you in Capstone and in analyzing problems in life (and necessary for those who wish to pursue a doctorate).
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