3 page paper 34

For this assignment you are to pick any film that has an example of aggressive behavior as presented in chapter 11. You are to evaluate one character from the film using the concept of the Dark Triad from the chapter and discuss in your evaluation why the character may have behaved the way they did, how this impacted the dynamic of the individuals targeted and why the movie concluded the way it did, could anything have made the outcome different? Please discuss/evaluate your movie in a maximum 3 page APA style paper, using two references. ( excluding the course text, wikipedia, or any online dictionaries). Please do NOT simply cut and paste a movie review, as it is not hard to determine this was done! You should summarize the movie in your on words and use your own words to describe characters and address the questions posed.

Here are some movie/films that have examples of aggressive behavior, you can use one of these or any movie of your choosing:

Mean Girls

A Soldier’s Story

A History of Violence

American Psycho

Django Unchained

Fight Club



John Wick

Boys N The Hood

Don’t Breath

The Nice Guys

Hell or High Water

Miss Sloan

A Few Good Men

Dangerous Minds

Do the Right Thing

Training Day

American Gangster

The Purge

Queen and Slim

Star Wars

Last House on the Left

Shut In

Bone Collector


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Cold Pursuit

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