mba 6525 case study intel undermining the conflict minerals industry

You are the Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer of ElManCo – a large electronics manufacturer (in an entirely different sector from Intel) . The CEO has asked you for a memo that analyzes the ethical considerations relating to sourcing necessary minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with your recommendation of an appropriate, ethical course of action for ElManCo’s sourcing of conflict minerals. Specifically, the CEO wants to know: 1) what are the pros and cons are of using human rights and social issues in order to gain a competitive advantage in an industry in which these issues apply to all industry participants; 2) whether the company, like Intel, should engage with competitors on the conflict minerals issue or whether it should attempt to gain competitive advantage over other industry participants/competitors by getting a head start in supply chain transparency and auditing; and 3) whether the company should source minerals exclusively outside the DRC.

The memo should be a Microsoft Word document and no longer than 4 single-spaced pages. It should begin with a one-paragraph executive summary of your analysis and recommendation(s), followed by your complete analysis and recommendation(s). Please cite the sources that you use (a citation page does not count toward the length). You can find memorandum templates in Microsoft Word (but be sure to use one that includes the “Date” and “Subject”/”RE:” line in the memo header).

Focus on the Intel Case Study document. The other documents are to provide support.

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