viewing assignment flourishing resilience

Growing emotional intelligence means growing your capacity for resilience.

Life is not fair. At all. Bad things happens to those we love the most and often times…stuff just doesn’t make sense. But there is also cause for hope and reasons to not give up. Your own ability to get up when you’re knocked down, to recover and persist in the face of adversity speaks to your capacity for resilience.

This assignment picks up where our last reading & viewing on emotional intelligence left off. As we become more aware of our own awareness, we must also become more robust and honest with ourselves as we deal with what life has to throw at us.

To View:

For this assignment watch the following video on Trauma Informed Resilience (Links to an external site.).

To Answer:

What is his key message and what is he suggesting? What makes a resilient mindset difficult or challenging to adapt to? In order for you to become more resilient, what do you need to change for yourself right now?


Show me through your typed answer how you are using the video and your own smarts to think through and answer these questions in any way that makes sense to you. Submit as a Text Entry through Canvas. Thank you.

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