unit 2 discussion 18


The discussion groups serve as the main form of communication and collective learning in this course. You have been assigned to a discussion group and you will learn together throughout the course. The purpose of the boards is to respond and ask questions about the readings with your classmates. If you quote the readings, please use proper citation.


After reading the required selections, please post a response and follow up question to the group thread. You can respond to more than one question and questions should only be a guide to the conversation not required questions to be answered in essay form.

Guiding Questions:

  1. What are some “habits of sensing”? How does smelling a particular scent translate into nostalgia or moral judgments about people?
  2. We often approach others with the expectation that they manage emotions in their interactions with us. How are our expectations shaped by gender, race, ability, age, and social class?
  3. What are the major fears and emotional threats faced by Mixed Martial Artists? What strategies do they use to deal with these fears and threats?
  4. Why was this article entitled “Getting Angry to Get Ahead?”
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