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For the Journal article review you will be providing a critique of a peer reviewed or academic journal article that deals with one of the topics that we have covered in the course or another topic related to comparative criminal justice (i.e. of international significance) that is of particular interest (or disinterest) to you. Possible topics could include anything mentioned or discussed in the book. Chapter titles, text sidebars, end of chapter information, or even the text subject index are all good places to use for coming up with topic ideas – it might be an article you are using as a source for your final paper (what a great idea). 1) Once you choose a topic of interest (I actually suggest choosing a couple of options), then you will conduct research to find a suitable academic journal article that addresses it. 2) I recommend reviewing the writing and research presentation and slides for info on this 3) Once you have a topic and possible journal articles, then you will need to get a copy of the article (either hard or electronic copy) and then begin your review. (I have provided some helpful documents concerning this process.

Your journal review paper submission should be in APA style and format and should be generally four to six pages in length.

All sources used (especially your article) should be properly cited.

It is recommended that you do some additional research as well.

A review of the writing and research presentation is highly

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