the importance of leadership in providing excellent customer service

Characteristics of excellent leaders:

ï‚· Show care and respect

ï‚· Practice what they preach

ï‚· Have expertise in the area in which they are working

ï‚· Practice consistency

ï‚· Behave Professionally

ï‚· Allow employees to do what they have been empowered to do

ï‚· Give support

ï‚· Demonstrate flexibility

ï‚· Make time for others

ï‚· Be personable

Leadership is the ability to influence others. Leadership in Customer Service is illustrated through the culture which is created by those in supervision. The Leadership of an organization can inspire the attitudes of the employees. If the culture requires that customers be treated with respect, the customers will, in most case, be treated with respect.


Illustrate the role of Leadership in providing excellent Customer Service.


You are a Vice President of a community bank with eight suburban branches throughout a major city. The President of the bank has asked you to lead an initiative with employees on how to develop leadership skills so that they can be considered for management positions within the organization.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to be presented to the bank’s employees, including the President and upper management, and include the following information:

  • Introduction
  • Explain the importance of an organizational culture focused on customer service for the community bank.
  • Include key elements of a customer service culture.
  • Describe the top characteristics, from your perspective, for leadership in a customer service focused organization, such as the community bank.


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