subject principles of sociology further paper 3 full pages title the netflix documentary kalief browder

  • “Further” Paper Prompts:
  • While at event, viewing a Further video or reading, a documentary or a movie, try to take notes or be sure to remember significant observations of your experience
  • Begin your Response Paper by briefly describing the event, a television program, a documentary or a movie. What was its purpose, what occurred and who was it about?
  • When writing Response Paper ask yourself these questions:
    • What did you finding striking, remarkable or memorable about what you viewed? What did you learn new?
    • Can you relate any of the ideas of your “Futher” assignment to your own life?
    • Did you disagree or have issue with anything you experienced?
  • “Further” Papers :
  • For a full grading rubric, see the “Grading Criteria for Further Paper Assignments”
  • Please follow the basic format of an academic paper: name, class, date in left hand corner, standard 1” margins, double spaced, correct spelling and grammar,
  • Front and back printing if possible. If multiple pages, Response Paper MUST BE STAPLED.
  • Points will be taken off for grammar/spelling mistakes, formatting mistakes, lack of coherency or lack of effort.
  • The first two Further Papers should be approximately 2 full pages, the third should be approximately 3 full pages. Anything less may not receive full credit.
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