sociology of emotions

  1. The Times: Write a popular piece for the New York Times about how emotions work on a social level, referring back to the work we did in the beginning of class and continuing through the most recent unit we studied. Start from a popular (American) reader’s experience of emotions and walk them through the big questions about how emotions work as social forces. Make it engaging and creative, seeking to open their mind from how emotions are conventionally thought about. In the style of Malcom Gladwell, make the piece as engaging and relatable as possible, while still reaching a high level of sophistication, illustrating the complexities of the nature of emotions, the slippery nature of studying them, and how this might offset contemporary Western assumptions about emotions. Your goal is to entertain, engage, surprise, inform, AND explain all simultaneously. Writing style is key for this particular option. (here is a model from the NY Times:… ).

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