short proposal integrated management project imp

Submit a short proposal of 500 words which identifies and describes in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) problem or issue; theories, tools and techniques available to provide a business solution; and how the various parts of the business / organisation come into play, i.e. the integrated nature of the problem is critical here.

There are many tools for analyzing the problem, some of them:



Pareto chart

5 ways

Process flow chart

Problem tree

Root cause analysis

Soft systems:

Value framing

Fish bone


Task laddering

Task networking

Hard systems:



Mackinsey’s 7s model

Cultural web

Some ideas about organization problems (Better to choose one of them):

-Organizational problems include;

-Poor workforce productivity,

-Interpersonal conflicts among employees,

-Difficulty adjusting to change,

-Disagreements on job duties,

-Competition for departmental resources,

-Poor processes,

-Unclear accountability

-Poor system

-No Clear Growth Path

-Poor Communication

-No Formal Structure

-Poor interpersonal

-Communication in the workplace

*** Words count = 500 words.

*** I have uploaded previous sample of proposal named “Sample”.

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