reflection chapters 9

The reflections are personal application of the material discussed in class to your personal life or that that you have seen or witnessed. It is NOT A SUMMARY of the chapter. You may choose any chapter to reflect on however reflections are due within a week from the day we finish discussing the chapter in class. Because of the online change below are the deadlines to for reflections on the remaining chapters. Reflections on chapter 1-6 are not accepted anymore.


Your reflection should be 2-page in length double spaced 12 point font.


Your reflection should have a title.

It should introduce and briefly explain one or two concepts from the chapter (e.g. ethnocentrism; high context; cultural shock…) not more than half of a page. After you introduce the concept, you analyze if it looking into how you may have seen it in your life and how providing concrete examples from your life or that of other people you know (e.g. gender roles, as I was growing up I was taught that…). If you disagree with the concept (e.g. the chapter says that Greek culture is high context in general and you disagree) you may provide arguments why you disagree. Again, if you felt that you need to discuss more than one concept, you may discuss two but not more than two. Please note that the sample reflection on blackboard is there as a sample for content and not length. There is no need to conclude your reflection with a summary of what you stated.

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