product writing assignment 2

A written document is to be prepared using an appropriate style and to include a list of references. Refer to Deakin’s Guide to Assignment Writing and Referencing, available online from Student Life, for assistance on appropriate report styles and referencing.

• The submitted file format must be PDF only. • Don’t waste time with fancy layouts, colours, cover pages, and so on. A simple text-based format is all that is needed with the report layout consisting of a few sections of text (with section headings). Use photos or diagrams sparingly and only if necessary and/or relevant to include in your report. Just use a basic and common text font such as Arial or Times New Roman with at least 10 point font size for body text. Single-spaced paragraphs are acceptable. • There must be a Reference Section (Bibliography) in your submission. Marks will be deducted if it is omitted, not suitably formatted, or lacking more than at least six relevant citations. Use a suitable and consistent referencing style such as the Harvard or IEEE or similar. • Don’t be tempted to plagiarise. If you unsure what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, or collusion then refer to the Academic Honesty information provided for all units on DSO in the Unit Guide and Information folder. • Online and in-person resources and materials are available from Student Life for all students to assist with assignment writing and referencing skills. Student Life also provides online and in-person resources to assist with understanding plagiarism and how to avoid producing it in your academic work.

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