ppt queuing system optimization emergency first responder issues

Create a PowerPoint Presentation using article reviews attached.

Based on the topic: Queuing System Optimization – Emergency/First Responder Issues build a Presentation containing answers to the following:

  1. Have you seen a similar problem in your current review of literature? If so, what solutions could you adapt to resolve a similar issue?
  2. Is your problem actually an opportunity to implement something new? If so, are there solutions (or other industry examples) you could adopt as a recommended solution?
  3. Is your problem specific enough to run your own

    short survey
    ? If so, build a short pilot study (survey) using surveymonkey.com and send the

    link to a target audience (like a LinkedIn or Facebook list), giving them 2 – 4 days to complete. Add the results to your presentation. Survey monkey populates results that you could incorporate into your presentation (Summation Required).
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