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Policy Analysis Paper: Policy Environment Section

In the policy environment section of the policy analysis, you will describe the past and/or present policies that are relevant to the problem. This policy is usually created by laws or regulated by governmental agencies International organizations, such as the United Nations, that monitor, control, or impose conditions, may also serve to mitigate or resolve the problem. The policy environment could also include NGOs (non-governmental agencies) that act as watchdogs or intervene in an attempt to influence stakeholders and/or outcomes.


Length: 3-4 pages

References: In-text citations and Reference page

Avoid plagiarism. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero score for this and all subsequent sections.

Use the headings and subheadings as described for APA

Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and concluding sentence.

Proofread carefully. There should be no errors in sentence structure (FRAG, CS) or grammatical errors, such as wrong word forms, subject-verb agreement, verb tense/form.

You must use the format of the attached sample paper(of another topic). Make sure the outline is the same as the sample paper.

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