literature review 275

This is a survey that I’ve used initially to start my paper. The topic that I need you to work on is in Phishing Detection. I’ve done some research and chosen 30 articles to use. I’ve done the intro, background, annotated bib, and etc.

What I need from you is to do the literature review.

1) start by numbering each reference in the references page (similar to [1], [2], …, [30]) (I’ll share it with you)

2) Choose 4 or 5 categories and as much as possible subcategories (sub-subcategories are not acceptable). For example, the categories for phishing detection will be URL-based, visual-similarity based, etc, (up to 5) similar to the sent survey earlier.

3) Draw a tree (similar to the attached image) that shows your categories and subcategories. And link them with the chosen references by adding the reference number ([1]) inside the circle/square to summarize your work. The root of the tree should be the reference/references you’ve got your categories from (most likely will be the survey/surveys). It’s possible that some references are linked with multiple categories/subcategories.

4) Write the literature review based on the categories you’ve build your research based on. Follow the instructions on pages 10-12 in the attached requirements.

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