international strategy 5

Ford is a well-known U.S. company that markets its products internationally. The company’s international strategy involves manufacturing these products in 40 plants located around the world. Ford’s international strategy is discussed in Case Study 18 in Crafting & executing strategy: The quest for competitive advantage: Concepts and cases.

In a three- to four-page paper, analyze the following:

  • Analyze why the company has chosen to pursue a foreign subsidiary strategy
  • Analyze the strategic advantages to global sourcing and production in the automobile industry relative to an export strategy
  • Compare and contrast Ford’s strategy to one of its competitors.

The length and formatting requirements include:

  • Three to four pages in length, not including cover and reference pages. Include a cover page, section headers, an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page.
  • Formatted according to the APA style
  • Cite a minimum of three sources, two of which should be academic peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook.

  • Locate a variety of sources dealing with ethics, CSR, and business management.
  • Gather information specific to different aspects of business ethics.
  • Access writing and citing help.

Your paper should be three to four pages and APA style Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the course textbook.

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