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Information sharing has always been an issue between intelligence agencies. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, many programs were created to bring together different intelligence agencies, but there is still a lack of communication. One national intelligence program that stands out is the Intelligence Community (IC). It is made up of 16 executive branches encompassing all military intelligence agencies from state and federal level, and DHS to be responsible to collect and analyze data, create threat assessments and conduct intelligence activities to help protect the U.S. national security (Carter, 2004). But the issue is still that there is little sharing of information. They usually work separately on their own agenda, with very little collaboration of other agencies (Carter, 2004).

Verbiage between agencies differ, creating challenges for open communication. There are slightly different processes, but the intelligence cycles/models are very similar. But when I was in the Army, Intelligence Analysts in the same Brigade lacked information sharing. What we did to bring everyone together was have an Intelligence Sync, where we would discuss need to know information on different missions. This way if another analyst had additional information, they could share it here and sometimes it would bring together pieces of information that was beneficial. I also think if there was a universal intelligence process cycle and standardized language that every branch would integrate that into their intelligence operations, this could be beneficial for collaboration.


Carter, D. L. (2004). Law enforcement intelligence. A Guide for State, Local and Tribal Law.

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