green fluorescent protein gfp project


Below are THREE files attached, The first file is the 14-page project ROUGH DRAFT file that I have worked on for 6 weeks concerning the development, purification, and transformation of the Green protein (GFP) that is synthesized from Bacterium Escherichia Coli

and the second file the first file that is graded by my professor annotated with notes and heads up about everything I messed (Vague info, punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, etc …)

and the third file is the graded rubric (16/40)


What needs to be done:

Please go over the whole project and correct anything that needs to be corrected, add any info that needs to be added, remove the gray spots from the Vague phrases (make it worth calling a FINAL DRAFT)

my instructor is very picky and she checks for every single detail, so please perform the corrections to the best of your knowledge.

The project is worth 3-exam grades, so my life basically depends on this project!!!



everything Bio-related term or info is correctly placed but may not be correctly stated.

any additional information or data you will need I will provide in separate files I will attach along in case if need (data files and overall idea about the project)

please take care of this project as if you were doing it for yourself.

thank you

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