excel module 2 formulas functions and formatting

book: Shelley Cashman 9781337251655 – Loose leaf 9781305871809 -Paperback

Discovering Computers and Microsoft Office 365 Office 2016

Please read Module 2 of Excel. (Pages EX57 to EX112) or (pages 795 to 850)

Follow the “Olivia’s Art Supplies” tutorial throughout the chapter. It is important to understand this before starting the exercise to be submitted.

Use the presentation “MS Excel – Module 02” that is in Lectures to reinforce the knowledge.

Complete and submit the following:

a) Complete the Chapter Exercise “Olivia’s Art Supplies Worksheet” similar to the figure 2-1

Follow the instructions throughout the chapter (Page Ex58 to Ex105) or (Page 796 to 848)

Submit the Assignment with the Name 5-ExM2-Ex1-YourName

b) In Lab #1: Insurance Premium Worksheet on page EX 109 (or 846)

Submit the Assignment with the Name 5-ExM2-Ex2-YourName

Data Files can be found in the Course Documents section.

Be sure to complete the document properties.

Focus in:

– Use of formulas (EX 65) or (Page 803)

– Functions MAX, MIN and AVERAGE (EX 72) or (Page 810)

– Use of conditional Formatting (EX 88) or (Page 826)

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