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Ocean AcidificationNOTE: You will submit this exercise as a TurnItIn assignment. Your final product will be a lab report based on the Virtual Urchin Lab activity.


In this exercise, we will explore ocean acidification and its consequences. You will need to go to the Virtual Urchin website ( and complete the “Our Acidifying Ocean” activity. This can be found under “Ecology and Environment”. This activity has three parts. Please make sure you complete all parts. Once you have completed this activity, you need to write a lab report that describes the significance of ocean acidification and your results.

Your lab report should include the following:

Introduction – should include a discussion of the problem of ocean acidification

Methods – you do not need to provide a detailed description of every single thing you did, but you do need to summarize the main points.

Results – Summarize and describe YOUR data and the entire data set. A table of your data is required. You should also describe what you found.

Discussion – Describe why your results are significant.

Conclusions/Summary – Summarize the significance of your research, your major findings, and speculate about the broader implications of your research.

Your lab report should be double-spaced in 12 pt font. You will submit this Exercise as a TurnItIn assignment.

Note: You may need to try different browsers to complete this activity.

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