discussion questions in business concepts class

1. Empowerment in the Classroom

List and explain at least four ways in which any of your professors could empower you, as a student. You can relate this activity to either an online or an in-class course which you’re currently taking, or have taken in the past. This activity is a very good way for you to provide feedback to your instructor(s) so try to be as realistic and practical as possible.

2. Pick at least five of the following concepts and explain them in the Discussion Forum. This Discuss Question gives you a chance to tell us what you learned

Types of Securities

– Securities

– Money market instruments

– Bonds

– Quality ratings for bonds

– Shares

Financial Markets

-The primary market

-The secondary market

Understanding Stock Markets

– The Toronto Stock Exchange

– The New York Stock Exchange

– The NASDAQ stock market

– Other U.S. stock markets

– Foreign stock markets

– ECNs and the future markets

– Investor participation in the stock markets

Regulation of the Financial System

– Bank regulation

– Government regulation of the

– financial markets

– Insider trading

– Industry self-regulation

3. Interest Rate Policy

a) What is overnight interest rate ?

b) If the Bank of Canada fears recession, it will reduce interest rate. How will interest rate help in reversing recession?

c)What are SPRAS and SRAS ?

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