discussion board 1296

Watch the three videos on youtube and and answer the questions below. ASAP. **Relate the questions to all the three videos please****

Here are the youtube videos

a) What is interprofessional collaborative practice youtube.com/watch?v=34ZJE_rQ4is

b) kineticvideo.com – Professionalism in nursing youtube.com/watch?v=Ip7NgywHSfk

c) “Professionalism and Communication” by Dr. Gina Geis for OPENPediatrics youtube.com/watch?v=GYg2FeOtpSQ

Discussion questions.

1) Narrate your understanding on the importance of communication in patient health outcome.

2) What factors can lead to injury or decline in patient care due to lack of communication.

3) Give an example of your experience with lack or poor communication in patient care.

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