d01 online assignment week 10 discussion

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This week’s discussion assignment will be a review of the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas chapters 1-6. Write a brief answer for the questions below (Make sure your answers are in complete sentences.) You are only required to answer the questions – do not respond to other posts.

1. When is Frederick’s birthday? What sort of relationship did he have with his parents? What are the “advantages” for the slave owner to have mixed race children? What did Frederick see happen to his Aunt Hester? Why did this happen?

2. What do the slaves receive each year as their clothing “allowance”? What is the monthly food allowance for slaves? What do children who do not work in the fields receive as clothing allowance? What were the living conditions like for the slaves? Why did the slaves sing? How did this affect Douglass?

3. What is the penalty for telling the truth about the conditions that slaves endure? What is ironic about the slaves when they talk about their masters with other slaves?

4. Describe the type of overseer Mr. Gore was. What happened with Demby? What other acts of murder happened to slaves? What happened to the people who killed them?

5. What news did Douglass receive that excited him? Why? What are his new duties? What was different about meeting Mrs. Sophia Auld?

6. What does Mrs. Auld expose Frederick to? Why is she so nice to him at first? What important “lesson” does he learn from Mr. Auld? How is life different for the slaves in Baltimore?

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