csci 450 computer architecture 1

1. Review textbook: any appendix topics of interest and list min 5 facts introduced in a table with page number. Provide a relevant Google link for each that explores the topic further, indicating your view of the article (few sentences each). Your final table format will include 5 row entries of chapter facts mapped to 5 distinct columns with following info: 1. Topic of interest 2. Factual statement in complete sentence 3. Page number of stated fact 4. Google article link detailing fact 5. Personal view of article.

2. Review pillar 5: Cost Optimization (in more detail) found in the AWS well-architected framework, listing 5 facts (as complete sentences) and page number for each.

3. Review AWS ramp-up guide Phase 3:

a. Describe how you can utilize AWS with or without certification in your career, IoT, startup business, or hobby work.

b. Briefly summarize this phase (few sentences).

4. Review AWS ramp-up guide Phase 4:

a. Explore and describe just 1 topic of interest that is on the horizon in AWS (few sentences).

b. GPU power is increasing. Find and briefly note news on AWS trending that will update ML capability (few sentences).

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