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Your I-Search essay must be informed by research (not just popular or journalistic sources, but peer-reviewed scholarly articles). You will be collecting and evaluating primary and secondary sources for this essay that will “extend and challenge our beliefs and ideas about a topic” (Wierszewski 232).In doing so, you will be disrupting the traditional research paradigm of simply confirming your ideas or worse, reiterating the borrowed ideas of others.

You will likely have to revise or adjust your topic to begin this essay and may continue to do so as you progress.It is important to begin with questions that are focused, challenging, and grounded.That is, your topic and the questions you raise about it cannot be too broad, bland, or speculative.You should be genuinely interested in your topic and your reader should share your curiosity.To this end, you should make use of open-ended questions that are both personal and public.

  • Have minimum of six (6) pages and maximum of eight (8) pages, including a Works Cited page
  • Include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay
  • Include a minimum of four (4) sources from peer-reviewed scholarly journals or books and a minimum of four (4) non-traditional sources such as an interviews, surveys, or newspaper/magazine articles
  • Use direct quotes for all sources properly cited using MLA in-text citation format
  • Use general MLA formatting guidelines overall
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font or similar
  • Double-space your essay and set the margins to 1” top and bottom and 1.25” left and right

Please give me 2-3 pages of writing before 8 a.m, April 9, Eastern Time(Tomorrow morning). There is no requirement for the rest of the time.

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