complete short discussions due devry 2


Welcome to week 5! Resumés are one of my favorite topics in this class. Being a Certified Resumé Writer, I look forward to helping you take your resumé from good to great!

My first question is what are the types of resum̩ formats? With this in mind, why should you have to tailor each of your resum̩s to each position that you apply for during your job hunt? What are some possible section titles? Which are you currently using? How many pages is your resum̩? How long does it take for an employer to scan your resum̩? How important is visual appeal vs. your content? Which comes first Рvisual appeal or your content?


Hi class and welcome to Week 5! OFFICE MANAGEMENT

If you don’t mind sharing, post the link to your LinkedIn profile for your peers to review. Be sure to list your chosen career or industry with your link, so your classmates understand who you are trying to appeal to in your profile. Share and discuss any areas of improvement to the profile. What could be added, deleted, or changed to make it more appealing?


This week’s reading focuses on the relationship between climate change, leadership, and ethical responsibility. What is the relationship between leadership and ethical standards? How does advancements in technology complicate or simplify this relationship? Utilize at least one form of technology discussed in the reading to help illustrate your response.

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