case analysis presentation and paper

Case Analysis Presentation and Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance students’ ethical analysis skills through practical application of ethical models and theories in cases involving ethical issues and dilemmas. The group is expected to write an ethical analysis paper of the case using the ethical decision making framework. The paper should be APA style. The group will then present their analysis of their case via video presentation.

Part 1: Analyzing a Critical Dilemma

In small groups, students will demonstrate their ability to analyze and resolve a social work/welfare ethical dilemma, which provides a thorough understanding and application of ethical principles, concepts, codes of ethics, and models of ethical decision-making that has been presented in class. Groups are expected to prepare video presentation of themselves addressing the items below.

  1. Briefly describe an overview of the situation (as presented in the case provided).
  2. Define the ethical problem a) Identify the ethical issues b) ethical tension involved c) Clearly identify the ethical issues in terms of conflicting duties d) values e) or obligations.
  3. What legal standards are relevant in this case? a) Identify and discuss specific state or federal laws.
  4. What ethical theory and ethical principles apply to this case?
  5. Which tenets in the NASW Code of Ethics are relevant? Be specific regarding the ethical standards.
  6. What is the initial plan of action? a) Explain b) Who should be consulted? c) Who is likely to be affected by the decision?
  7. What is the resolution of the case?
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