bpm journal

Based on the Reading, answer the following questions, with explanations (do not simply name concepts and move on):

1) Among the concepts you have learned, which do you think is most useful to you or your organization?

2) Which concept(s) caused the most confusion in this unit?

3) Which concept(s) did you wish went into further detail, either because you are interested or because it’s too complex for the coverage it received?

The reading was :

  • Chapter 15: “Launch Pad Phase”

In Chapter 15, the third phase of the BPM model, the Launch Pad phase, is presented. Even when a company knows its strengths and weaknesses, it is often difficult for management to determine where and how to start a new project. Focus on the material and consider how you would integrate this knowledge into the launch decision if you had to make the call on where and how to start a new project.


  • Completing the success checklist step will help the project remain in the scope the steering committee desires.
  • Stakeholder analysis and gaining an understanding of stakeholder drivers is essential to a successful project outcome.
  • The selection of an experienced BPM business project manager is one of the most important decisions with regard to a BPM project.
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