assignment 2233

Write an assignment…. 900-1100 words.

All of the requirements are provided in the files. Read them all to know…

Please read the powerpoint file and pdf file and the sound file for more instructions about the assignment and what is exactly required.

Total no. of pages: 4-6 without the cover page

No. of words: 900-1100


Identify your practice company and send the company name in the section WhatsApp group (First Announce First Allocated).

Research about international companies that are implementing the ISO26000, and evaluate the practices according to the requirements of ISO 26000. Use the format below:

1.Company profile

2.Discussion on the existing practices of the company in relation to ISO 26000.

3.Evaluation of the ISO 26000 implementation of the company in relation to the seven (7) components as mentioned below. Make sure to make a list of the 7 components and discussed each of them.

7 Components of ISO 26000

a.Organizational Governance

b.Human Rights

c.labor Practices

d.The Environment

e.Fair Operating Practices

f.Consumer Issues

g.Community Involvement and Development




7.Expected words (900 to 1100) word

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