assigment 25

Watch on youtube the following video. It is 50 minutes long. You are ONLY REQUIRED to watch 10 minutes listed below. From these segment syou will answer the following questions for credit

SEE SCOTT MCKNIGHT ON KINGDOM OF GOD. AT The Church as a Community of Differents – Session 1 with Scot McKnight (Links to an external site.)The Church as a Community of Differents - Session 1 with Scot McKnight

Video Segment: 2.00-3.38 What four words are used to describe the Kingdom of God? 4 points

Video Segment 3.38-5.15 Views on the Kingdom of God can be describe by two kinds of jeans? What are those? What did he (rather humorously) say about who wears these in the church. 4 points


8.42-12.45 How did McKnight describe the skinny jeans kingdom of God in one sentence? What does McKnight think about the skinny jean view? 4 points

12.45-15.19 How did McKnight describe the pleated jeans kingdom of God? What are the two questions pleated jeans folks ask about the kingdom of God ? 4 points

15.00-15.20 What is the interesting quote by American southern Catholic writer Flannery O’ Conner (fill in the blanks) “something can be _________ but not right _________.” 4 points

Now for 5 points, I want you to write ONE GOOD PARAGRAPH> ” What do you think O’ Conner meant by this amazing quote? 5 points

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