arta 200 discussion board week 2

Go back to Time Magazine‘s collection of the “100 Most Influential Images of All Time.”

Select a different image (I have the one I chose last week attached below) – one that you did not select or discuss during Week 1. Describe the three major components of the image (Subject, Form, and Content).

Select an image that really “grabs you.” Discuss the three major components of the image (Subject, Form, and Content) as related in our studies this week. Also, why does this image “grab you”? How does it make you feel? What does it make you think? Is there any moral implications surrounding the image?

WARNING: Some of these images may be disturbing to some viewers.

– 200-300 Words

Digital Photography : Complete Course

Author: David Taylor

ISBN-13: 978-146543607

  • Chapter 2: Focusing, pages 41-47
  • Chapter 6: Using Depth of Field, pages 105-113
  • Chapter 7: Lenses, pages 121-129
  • Chapter 8: Wide-angle Lenses, pages 137-143
  • Chapter 9: Telephoto Lenses, pages 153-157
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