aoj 110 assignment

You must address ALL facets in bothbullet points to earn 20 points.

  • I. Review, critically analyze then summarize ASSEMBLY BILL No. 392 (link). Address why such directives are necessary and how they help individual suspects but may hinder police activity.
  • II. Discuss police discretionary powers when deciding whether to use force and the amount of force to use. Include in the following in your response:
  1. A high profile case scenario involving a police officer’s discretionary powers to use lethal force.
  2. Summarize the facts of the case.
  3. Define probable cause. Did officers have clear probable cause to initiate contact with the individual?
  4. Was the use of force warranted in that case? If yes, explain your thought process. If no, articulate alternative solutions to the use of force.
  5. In this case scenario did the community respond to the use of lethal force? What was the overall sense of the community’s response? Did they make any demands of the police department?
  6. What was the final outcome? (Were charges filed against the officers in the use of lethal force? If yes what was the outcome? If no, do you support the decision, not the charge the officers? Explain your reasoning.
  7. Is AB392 necessary?
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