answer the question e 600 1

Direction :

1- Answer the bellow 10 questions

2- every question answer should be at least 250 words

3- APA style

4- I don’t need citation , only answer without plagiarism

5- write your answer from the book ( I attach it + google or book or library but official the book .

1. Critically examine the relative advantages and disadvantages of how government intervention regulates the international businesses?

2. Examine the factors responsible for the acceleration of the globalization process after 1980?

3. Critically examine why culture matters in international business. Provide scenarios in which cross-cultural differences cause concerns for managers?

4. It is believed in a democracy is most suitable for the smooth conduct of international business. Examine?

5. Discuss the vulnerability faced by a firm that is engaged in international trade?

6. Which International Trade theory do you believe is relevant today and why?

7. What, in your opinion, are effective ways to resolve disputes (if arises) between the firms?

8. Do you think that Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important for the international firm? Support your answers with arguments?

9. Michael Porter described several factors that give rise to competitive advantage at both the company and national levels. Named Porter’s Diamond Model, it comprises four major elements. List and describe each factor and apply them to a competitive industry of your choice?

10. “Piracy and counterfeiting hurt the world economy in various ways”. Discuss?

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