answer 3 question with 100 word each from articles

Please note carefully the following guidelines for responding to the questions:

1. I will be grading for grammar and syntax, so please proof-read your work. Any sloppy or non-professional writing will result in an immediate grade reduction.

2. You may paraphrase (and cite) text from this week’s readings, but please do NOT use any direct quotations.

3. Your responses must be at least 100 words per question.

1. Are you sympathetic with any of Stephen Hopgood’s criticisms of human rights, as referenced in the Kenneth Roth article we read for Tuesday? If yes, please describe one of these you agree with and why. If no, then discuss which of Hopgood’s criticisms you find to be the most off base, outlandish, or inappropriate. Why is it that you made the choice you did?

2. Please explain the point that Francesca Klug is making in her lecture by referencing the work of Philip Alston (32:10). Remember that we read the Alston Report (2017) for last Monday. Why does Klug bring up the fact-finding missions that Alston undertakes for the United Nations?

Here is the link to the podcast that has the answer for question#2

3. In The conversation between Lo and Demo, Lo describes two human rights that are significant in the East Asian context, but NOT in the Western one: rights for the deceased (pp. 101-103) and “filial piety” (pp. 96-100). Choosing one of these East Asia-specific human rights, please describe it and then speculate whether it could possibly be taken up in a Western country such as the U.S.

All The materials that you need to answer these questions are attached

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