2 page composition essay

Read the article from The New York Times posted on blackboard. Your assignment is to write a 2-page response to the reading.

Discuss how your observations support or contradict the message of this writing.Include at least two quotations from the article.Select your own main idea, or you may cover any or some of the following.Is it possible to be creative in a group?Have you learned more in a group than on your own?Can you study best with others or alone?Are some activities better suited to teamwork?Do you like solitude and quiet? Do you like to be electronically plugged in at all times?

On the due date provide a paper copy of your work and upload the file to turnitin via blackboard.No paper will be counted, if it is not electronically cleared.

You’ll be judged according to the following rubric.

  • Main idea including the depth of your analysis and a clear statement of your thesis


Organization of thoughts, support for them, and use of appropriate quotations

Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence and relate to the thesis


Mechanics of words and sentences

Is there subject/verb agreement?

Have you avoided fragments and/or run-ons?


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