man4602cbe section 01cbe international business deliverable 2 market entry methods for international expansion


Analyze the right market entry method(s) for a given company for a particular region.


Review the case study attached and prepare the necessary document as explained below.

Use the following website as a starting point for research on this project:

In addition, you may likely need to do some additional research to help complete this project.

Please choose from one of the following countries to expand into: India

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) has hired you as a consultant to help them with a planned expansion into a new market. Your role is to help facilitate this expansion into a new country/region, and to point out options and possible hurdles the company will face that they aren’t aware of. Write a business memo to the Director of New Business (DNB) outlining the overall business environment for the expansion, including the following:

  1. Indicate what the expansion strategy method should be for the country or region of your choosing.
  2. Identify three different factors that would support your entry strategy that you choose for your particular country or region and explain why they will beneficial.
  3. For the market entry method you choose, discuss two disadvantages to using this method for the expansion.
  4. Ensure your report has an introduction properly describing the general situation of what it will address, and then a conclusion wrapping up your points and what you addressed in the report and validating the market entry method you choose for RMCF.
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