ASP Undergraduate Academic Writing

Argumentative Essay Assignment

Choose one of the topics below and write an essay. The essay type is argumentative, so remember that it is your job to convince the reader that your point of view is the correct one. The essay needs to be at least 1,000 words in length and should include the following items:

  • An interesting introduction with a clear thesis statement
  • At least 3 body paragraphs (one must be an expansion paragraph such as a counterargument, transition, definition, historical background or extended example)
  • At least one paraphrase and one quote informally cited
  • An effective conclusion

Therefore, you should write 5 or more well-supported paragraphs. Be sure to take some time to organize your thoughts and brainstorm for ideas before you begin writing. Remember to think about the other point of view as well, it will help if you to refute the other side in a counterargument. Use strong and vivid language to support your viewpoint. When referring to the opposition, it’s best to use neutral or weaker language through hedging. If you want to review, I posted some helpful argumentative vocabulary on our Blackboard Course Home Page.

You will have one week to write this paper and submit it through Turnitin on Blackboard. Check your work for grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors before sending it to me for grading. Also, you are responsible for locating a source of information that you can be used for the quote and paraphrase. You can use sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals or online websites.


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